How I Plan to be a Better Me in 2018

I find it interesting how the new year has such a vast impact on society. Everyone sets their goals and expectations to start or reinitiate on this one day. I do it too. When you think about it, it comes down to the mental aspect. We perceive this new year as a new beginning, a clean slate where anything is possible. We think that this is our time. Yesterday is in the past and is uncontrollable, but today is our time and we can do something about it. If we can establish this mindset on January 1st, why can’t we do it at other times of the year as well?

With that being said, I think reflection and reevaluation are important in seeing where we have been, where we currently are, and where we want to be. But I think this should be done on more than just an annual basis. Personal and professional development should not be limited to the start of the new year. If we are capable of this in January, I bet we can do it in any other month as well.

Professional Development

Mark’s Goals:

-$50,000+ in revenue/sales in 2018

-Spend less on personal indulgences and more on business and personal investments

2018 will be the start of many new things for me, personally. Upon graduation in May, I will be starting my career at a business consulting firm in Minneapolis. I will be placed with one of their clients (yet to be determined) to perform data and business analysis and/or project management, among other things. I am very excited for this new opportunity and look forward to making money instead of spending it on tuition.

Many of you also know that the first inventory shipment for my business arrived at Amazon’s facility’s down south. I am very excited to be pursuing the growth of our company with my business partner and close friend, Blake Ekblad. This is the start of something which I hope to turn into a full-time career somewhere down the road. Entrepreneurship is one of the most fascinating things in the world to me. I would love nothing more than to eventually work for myself and have the opportunity to create an unparalleled business legacy.So, for 2018, I aim to earn $50,000+ in revenues. Keep in mind this is not take home profit.

Personal Development

Mark’s Goals:

-Stop caring about stuff that just doesn’t matter

-Increased focus on mental health

-Better use of time

-Less consumption of unnecessary content, more executing on what is important

-Development of self-awareness

Personal and mental health is going to be a point of focus for me in 2018. With many people being diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues in recent years, this should be at the top of many people’s goal list. It makes it much harder to be truly happy if you have to deal with these illnesses and conditions.

In order to help avoid mental health issues personally, I am attempting to take up meditation. There are so many great apps nowadays that guide you through this process and it is amazing what consistent meditation can do for you, mentally and physically. Additionally, I have disabled numerous applications and notifications on my iPhone. For me, these seemingly endless notifications and app icons add unnecessary stress and distraction throughout my day.

I decided I also need to quit worrying about things that just do not matter. Focusing on what really matters is the only thing that matters. That is very abstract, but if you think about it for a bit, it makes sense. Quit worrying about what hypercritical people think of you, or how you are judged on your losses and flaws. Be mindful of your flaws, but be the best version of yourself and do your best work. Everything else is just white noise. Quit doing stuff that makes you unhappy. I am going to focus on this relentlessly in 2018.

I have also reevaluated how I use my time. After all, it is the most important resource in existence. I have decided I need to spend less time on electronics (phone, computer, tv, etc.) when it is not necessary. Instead, I have decided to start reading more. The more information I can absorb, the better.

Lastly, I want to continue to develop self-awareness in both my personal and professional life. I am a firm believer that this trait is single-handedly the most important aspect of success and a happy life. Knowing who you are, what you are capable of, being honest with yourself and others, maintaining the right perspective, and being endlessly empathetic are all incredibly important in developing this characteristic, in my opinion. I am nowhere close to where I want to be in terms of self-awareness, but I will continue to work at it.

This is hands down, the best time in the history of humankind to be alive. The opportunities we all have are unthinkable comparably to 100, 50, or even 10 years ago. If you are reading this, odds are you have a roof over your head, clean water on demand, and the technology necessary to flourish and be wildly successful. In my opinion, it would be a shame not to aspire to do great things and have large goals in this day and age. Maintaining this perspective of gratitude is perhaps one of the most important things we can all do in 2018. But, that’s just my opinion. 😊


Live long and prosper, friends.

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