My Abroad Intern Experience – London

Exactly a month ago I completed the adventure of my lifetime, traveling 4,000 miles from a small private college in Minnesota, U.S.A. to do so. The adventure? Interning at the London-based tech start-up Duel – the coolest company in London.

Duel is a UGC platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to engage customer post-purchase. The platform drives sales by allowing your customers be brand ambassadors and creates shoppable and shareable content.

Duel fits right into the London space. The city is considered one of the premier hubs for startups, with more people working for companies of ten or less than large corporations. Leading the startup pack are technology companies like Duel.

It was such as rewarding experience to work in such a fast-paced industry. Today, as I reflect back on my time at Duel I can’t believe how much I’ve done and would like to share some of my favorite experiences with all of you.

The Team

My favorite experience at Duel was coming into the office every morning. This may sound like an unusual, favorite experience, but it always made me smile to walk in and see the team joking around with one another over a cuppa and casual pair of jeans.

My Abroad Intern Experience - London

These conversations would continue throughout the day and I learned a lot about the people I was working with. For instance, I learned that nobody from my team was originally from London. Each member of the team was, therefore, able to bring something unique and different to the table – incomparable to any team I have previously worked on.

My Abroad Intern Experience - London
Thorben – an actually funny German preparing for a day full of networking and pitches at Retail Week.

The Work

I never felt like an intern, but more a part of a larger team. I was given rewarding work and had personal ownership over my tasks. Sure, I had some tasks that weren’t always my favorite, but I was able to see how each task fit within the larger objective of the organization.

Over the course of two months, I was in charge of curating content for Duel’s social media. This helped draw traffic to our product by pushing out relevant content and case studies. I also created and updated the sales & marketing materials. By doing this, I kept our materials up to date and relevant, while taking some pressure off the team. Further, I maintained the events calendar and helped with event scheduling. This ensured that all relevant events were being applied for and team member schedules were clear for attending important sessions. I added value to a busy team and it felt FANTASTIC!

My Abroad Intern Experience - London
Paul Archer, founder and acting MD of Duel walking into a day full of panels and pitches at CogX.

The Experiences

As for experiences, I always enjoyed having a beer over music and conversation on Fridays or sitting on the roof for lunch on a nice day. The real treat, however, was meeting robots and learning about the tech industry. Over the summer, I had the chance to attend two fantastic events with my team.


My Abroad Intern Experience - LondonMy Abroad Intern Experience - London










Photos from TugLife3 and CogX – two of the events I helped apply for and attend.

Previous to this experience, I knew literally nothing about technology. Yeah, I can turn on a computer and use the apps on my phone, but machine learning and artificial intelligence were conspiracies to me. All jokes aside, I learned a lot about the power of technology and was given a taste of an industry I had little knowledge of before.

All good things must come to an end

It’s crazy to look back over the two short months I spent at Duel and realize how much I’ve grown from this opportunity. It’s even crazier to think that two months ago I would have told you that Duel was a hashtag scraper or a content curator.

Clearly, I knew nothing about technology. Duel has mastered AI and machine learning. They created a software that engages customers when they make a purchase by creating shoppable and shareable product content, directly boosting revenue for the retailer. Duel provides the retailer with a software that allows customers to be brand ambassadors and tell their brand story.

Once more, I would like to thank my team for allowing me to have this amazing experience. And of course, last but not least is the fact that I got to share these experiences with such an incredible team. Thank you, Duel, for giving me a summer I will never forget.

My Abroad Intern Experience - London
65 Glasshill Street – where all the magic happened.



Sophia Guezmir


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