The New Era of Social Media

I love to read the opinions of others. The internet is chock full of such content. In fact, I would argue that the vast majority of content everywhere is just that, the perspectives of others.The same is true when it comes to the realm of social media.Each marketer has their own favorite apps, tools, and networks. Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. This doesn’t mean any one tool or network is matter of factly better than any other.

For example, I hate Twitter. Many marketers would scorn at this statement saying I am foolish for hating on such a “powerful” social media platform. I recognize Twitter is a great avenue for content marketing and other various forms of sales generation. However, I just don’t like it and use it minimally. I feel my marketing and research efforts are better spent on emerging platforms, namely Snapchat and live video platforms like Facebook Live and Periscope.

In my opinion (based largely on data and a solid understanding of millennial behavior), Snapchat is and will be the next big platform for marketers and content consumers alike. Since its release in September 2011, Snapchat has seen monumental growth, particularly among Millennials. From a marketing standpoint, it is the perfect concept. Snapchat has virtually perfect engagement among users. The application demands your attention for a maximum of 10 seconds at a time. Snapchatters follow and friend only who they choose, so the content they consume is tailored strictly to their personal preferences. If marketers, personal branders, and businesses don’t produce quality snaps, they are quickly unfriended.

Snapchat recently opened its platform to marketers across the globe through its popular on-demand geofilter. Now anyone can submit and (upon approval) get their business/personal geofilters used by anyone within the 20,000 square foot boundary. This takes marketing to a whole new level, if marketers think outside the box. Gary Vaynerchuk wrote a very informative article on how to create and maximize Snapchat geofilters here.The New Era of Social Media

Many (uninformed baby boomers) have shot down Snapchat as a useless social network for marketing. I personally think Snapchat has more potential than Twitter. Twitter is loud, fast, and obnoxious. Snapchat, although a fast-paced network, is highly targeted, succinct, and personalized. Now that Snapchat has opened up their platform to marketers, this is just the beginning for this already popular platform. Just because some 45 year old marketing “expert” states they don’t see potential in snapchat, doesn’t make it true.

Social media and marketing analytics show that people engage with video more than any other medium. This makes sense, if you think about it. They are fun, engaging, and in your face, demanding your attention and peaking your curiosity. For these reasons, I also feel live video streaming platforms will become more prevalent and used. Two popular options are Facebook Live and Periscope.

Facebook Live has the added bonus of being integrated in the world’s #1 social media network, Facebook. This means the audience of this platform is over 1.5 billion people. Yeah, billion. If I am not mistaken, Facebook Live is only available for use with Facebook Pages, but is viewable to anyone with a Facebook account. Viewers can comment live on videos and share their opinions and comments and ask questions. Again, with an open mind, the possibilities are endless with such a platform.

Periscope is very similar in structure. However, Periscope is more easily shared and integrated with Twitter. Periscope also enables anyone with the app and an account to livestream their own video. You can even set up your account so your video will magically disappear after 24 hours, if you choose. I have been dabbling with Periscope over the past few months and have come to enjoy it. You get a notification when accounts you’re subscribed to go live. You tap the icon and it takes you right to the live video. You can search Periscope videos by hashtag, location, or user. Likewise with Facebook Live, I see so much room for growth and potential within this platform. It is a content marketers dream.

The New Era of Social Media

As my favorite entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk says, “It’s time to start marketing likes it 2015, not 1995.” Although it’s no longer 2015, you get the idea. This is so very true. I am constantly on the lookout for emerging trends and platforms, that’s what marketing fanatics do. In my opinion, some platforms are slowly degrading while others continue to grow, develop, and garner a growing audience. There is no telling if my opinions are correct, and that’s fine. Do your own research and develop your own opinions. Don’t let some 20 year old punk like me tell you what to think, or believe.

As always, if the spirit so moves you, feel free to follow me on Snapchat and Periscope. My username for both is @markhanowski, or simply scan the Ghost Code to the right. I am a colorful character. If you don’t find my advice helpful, at least you’ll find it entertaining.


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