Welcome to the Beginning

Hello there. I’m Mark Hanowski. This is the first of many posts I will share with the world. I am very excited to have finally launched my personal brand and website. I would like to thank all who have helped me make this decision including Nick Riley, Judy Zimmer, Austin Christensen, and my mother.

After much deliberation, I decided to brand myself, intentionally. I put emphasis on “intentionally” because as Coachology’s Judy Zimmer says, “everything you do is your brand.” So, although I have branded myself through my personality and day-to-day characteristics, I have decided to take to the internet and (try to) make myself known.

We see a lot of personal brands these days. Some are quite successful like Gary Vaynerchuk and Jules Marcoux, others are not. Personal brands fail because the people behind the brands either don’t know how to brand themselves correctly, or are branding themselves for the wrong reasons. I will work to actively avoid both these mistakes.Welcome to the Beginning

Through my branding efforts, I do not seek fame or fortune. I seek only to share with the world my personality, opinions, knowledge, and honesty. I plan to brand myself off a few principles, the first and foremost being genuity and honesty. If people aren’t true to themselves, they’re fake. Society has enough fake. It needs more real and truth. The reason it doesn’t have more of these is because the truth is often ugly. People only seek the truth when it is pretty, or convenient for them. Many of my posts and blogs and articles will contain highly opinionated content. If you find that offensive, you know where the door is. I want my content to spark discussion, especially if you do not share my opinion. What would the world look like if everyone shared the same views on everything? Boring.

My second principle guideline is passion, which actually ties into genuity and being true to oneself. I am going to share with you my passions: life, marketing, entrepreneurialism, hustling, and maybe even bass fishing (if you’re lucky). Too many people cover up or don’t pursue what they are passionate about because they are scared what others think about them. DON’T BE SCARED. Do what you love and disregard the haters. If you are true to yourself, this is easy.

My final principle is consistency. As stated above, my opinions are strong. I have a right to believe what I do, just as you have a right to your opinion. Where arguments and problems arise is when people fail to acknowledge the fact that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if they are bogus by society’s standards. My goal is stay consistent with my beliefs, views, and opinions. I have little respect for those whose opinions run astray in the face of adversity or confrontation.

These are principles on which I base my personal brand. I look forward to hearing feedback on my posts, articles, and blogs. If there is something you would like me to post or write about, contact me. Also, I welcome and highly encourage guest bloggers from all backgrounds and expertise. Although this brand and website is based on my personal brand, I seek out diverse opinions and content. This diversity is what makes brands, companies, and people stronger.

Thank you for visiting markhanowski.com. Welcome to the beginning.

Welcome to the Beginning

Welcome to the Beginning

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